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Imagine a world where humanity has advanced beyond the shackles of corporeal inefficiency, and shed it's body in pursuit of pure thought. Now imagine you are the only person who knows this. Navigate a unique science fiction setting by solving puzzles across beautiful, hand drawn environments. Help Sector, a reprogrammed image compiler, re-unite Cantessa with her family, and unify the disorganized factions into taking action against the current political hegemony.

A Sci-fi RPG set in a world where humans have shed the limitations of the corporeal body to inhabit existence as beings of pure thought. One girl will challenge the boundaries of what is meant to be a human being.

This game is early in development and this Demo is meant to establish the puzzle game play elements, general plot direction, and the art style. It is about 15 minutes long at this point, but it is a fairly good representation of the eventual game.

Eventual Features:

Rich world with bright custom artwork.

Visual Novel Style presentation with RPG and Puzzle elements.

Dynamically updating HUD for each party member.

Install instructions

Just extract the archive and load the executable file. Enjoy!


Quantum_win.zip (295 MB)
Quantum_X.zip (296 MB)

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