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A Sci-fi RPG set in a world where humans have shed the limitations of the corporeal body to inhabit existence as beings of pure thought. In a world where humanity has advanced beyond the shackles of corporeal inefficiency, one girl will challenge the boundaries of what is meant to be a human being. Born with the power to manipulate gravity and electro-magnetic forces, Cantessa is deemed a threat to the computer servers giving both substance and consciousness to the entire race. With the ability to remotely re-write computer code, she can shape the reality of the digital world. The latent dangers in these abilities cause her to be marked for deletion.

With the help of Sector, a reprogrammed image compiler, Cantessa's uncle is able to sneak her into an unprotected part of the mainframe and assure her survival. Navigate a unique science fiction setting by solving puzzles and forging alliances the characters you meet. Help Sector re-unite Cantessa with her uncle, and decide whether to save or destroy the current digital reality.

This game is early in development and this Demo is meant to establish the puzzle game play elements, general plot direction, and the art style. It is about 15 minutes long at this point, but it is a fairly good representation of the eventual game.

Eventual Features:

Rich world with bright custom artwork.

Visual Novel Style presentation with RPG and Puzzle elements.

Dynamically updating HUD for each party member.

Development log


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New Demo, added limited keyboard/Gamepad Support in Windows.

New Game Maker Demo uploaded and complete enough to show. 1/10th the size and quite a bit faster.