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Embark on an accidental adventure with Danger Bill, a washed up has-been. Follow the wacky cast of characters as they embark on an adventure into comedy, inspired by 80's buddy action movies. Bill is an unemployed adventurer who finds himself in need of some quick cash to help pay the rent. His journey into financial ruin takes a turn for the better when he is contracted to escort a mysterious young lady to meet her cave-dwelling hermit of an uncle. Unravel the mystery of the Peanut Butter Cult and their connection to the Temple of the Torn Anus. Save a nation as you help save the King from a religious coup.


Fast Travel System: Minimum unnecessary travel.

Mapping and Quest Tracking.

Dynamic Lighting: Turn on and off in Special menu for different computer and

connection speeds.

Dynamically updating HUD that tracks status effects on individual party members

with no need to open the status menu.

Install instructions

Just unzip the archive and load the Danger Bill executable file. Enjoy!


Danger_Bill_Pt_3_MV_BUILD_1_3_1_x.zip 163 MB
Danger_Bill_Pt_3_MV_BUILD_1_3_1_win.zip 162 MB

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