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Hypnotica is a visual novel in development by myself and my friend Will Towles. As with Tessa's Ark, I wanted to combine comic books into a story format where the reader was put in control of the decisions made by the characters, like a role-playing game, with a story that could be serialized into multiple additions. The visual novel format brings the comic book story elements to the game, while point and click style exploration allows for limited player interaction with the story. 

The plot of the game is based on a future in which society imposed regulations on itself until the point that freedom became only obtainable by the powerful. In this environment, the U.S. government was able to use it's vast global wealth to continue the Philadelphia Experiment. They discovered an alternate dimension which ran in parallel to our observable dimension, and with the use of electromagnetic frequency transponder pylons, pocket dimension could be opened connecting an isolated area of this parallel dimension with our own. By entering this pocket dimension, people and objects could be hidden completely from all attempts at detection. This technology also allowed instantaneous travel between pilon stations by connecting individual pocket dimensions to each other. With the ability to move troops and equipment quickly across a large distance, the rest of the world soon fell under the might of the American war machine. Earth is now ruled by a coalition of rich corporations, interested only in profit at the expense of human suffering.

The artwork is drawn with a comic book aesthetic and a scribbly, imperfect, noir look mimicking the hopelessness of the current world. The limited color palette of just red, green, and blue also reflects the bleakness of the world. The GUI and UX design is also set up to be reminiscent of o comic book style and is set up to be accessible with a keyboard and mouse combo, multi-touch screen smart device, or a traditional gamepad controller for display on a wide range of devices from smartphones to traditional game consoles.

The story follows Tim, an urban Private Detective targeted by the government for death due to his family ties to the resistance movement, and his latent ability to perceive the pocket dimensions. He is able to project his astral form to detect the electromagnetic signals used by the pylons to hold open the inter-dimensional network. He teams up with two twin resistance fighters, Sylvia and Silvio, as they attempt to destroy the teleportation network and cripple the government's ability to move troops around the world at will.


hypnotica_v0-011.zip 129 MB
hypnotica_v14.zip 789 MB
hypnotica_v14_2_executable.zip 789 MB
hypnotica_v18_executable.zip 790 MB
hypnotica_v51_exe_YYC.zip 365 MB

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This game is so many things! A visual novel, a point and click adventure, an RPG... and it does those things on varying levels and with different levels of success at the moment.

What this game is for sure though is fun. It's very quirky, the story zips around at quite a pace but never loses track of its focus and the characters are all quite intriguing.

Then there's the point and click puzzle side of things. There's nothing that's going to tax the old brain too much, but things are just challenging enough in this demo to not make it too easy on you!

The only aspect I think is lacking a little right now is the RPG element, which involves turn-based battles. The style is really well done, love the way it works with the images of character and clicking what move you want to use and on who, but there doesn't seem to be any merit to the battles if there are no rewards attached to them. No experience points, no items, just a battle randomly popping up to distract you from the puzzle elements of the game. I do think it can work, but there needs to be an incentive to the fights. That's just my opinion on things though!

All in all I think this is shaping up to be pretty nifty (the art style is also great, by the way, love the pencil-style shading and drawing), and I certainly hope I get to play it more in the future! So keep up the awesome work! =)


Thanks a lot for the feedback! I think we're pretty in-synch on what the deficiencies are. I'm mainly glad it is a fun experience since it is little more than a proof of concept right now. The battle system is the next bit of content on the chopping block, experience, end of battle rewards, more varied animations, leveling up, skill point allocation (I'm still not sure of the features,  but that's what an alpha is for). Best of luck to you with your YouTube Channel.